May 31, 2009

6th Barkday

Hello All Out There...

I turned 6 today! Mommy bought a barkday cupcake just for me. Zoopy was not left out either. He had his own cake too.

Waiting for the cake....
Zoopy's cake being added into the celebration... We need to get closer to the yummy stuff..

Finally..I got hold of the cake.. I am going off to enjoy it..




Lorenza said...

Happy Birthday Dolly!
Your cake looks delicious!
I hope you had a pawesome time celebrating your big day!
Kisses and hugs

Amanda's Sunshine said...

Happy Barkday Dolly!!

Wen said...

Hi Dolly,

Happy Birthday! Your cake looks sweet & yummy too!

Snowy and Crystal said...

we know that we are late, but we still wanna say it....Happy Birthday adorable Dolly ^_^

we missed you guys so very much!

Snowy and Crystal said...

Hello guys, we haven't heard from ou in a very long time. Hope everything is okay and that you are enjoying your weekend :)

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Anonymous said...

That's a fine-looking cake, and you look so dolled-up and special for the occasion!
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