Aug 10, 2010

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Jan 10, 2010

First Post for 2010

Happy New Year to all furbabies out there!

We celebrated Zoopy's birthday about a month ago..Hope you all had fun over Christmas and a happy 2010 full of wonderful treats, walkies and toys...

Dolly and Zoopy

May 31, 2009

6th Barkday

Hello All Out There...

I turned 6 today! Mommy bought a barkday cupcake just for me. Zoopy was not left out either. He had his own cake too.

Waiting for the cake....
Zoopy's cake being added into the celebration... We need to get closer to the yummy stuff..

Finally..I got hold of the cake.. I am going off to enjoy it..



Dec 26, 2008

Random Pictures

Hello All Furbies out there,

Did you miss us?
Although we have not been updating our blog here, you are all very much in our minds and we want to send greetings to all of you out there during this festive season.
Hope you all had a great Christmas filled with food, warmth and love with family and friends.

Here's some random pictures of ourselves to share with you:

Zoopy sleeping on the favourite human pillow.

Dolly resting in her favourite spot - between the 2 human pillows.

Happy Dolly

Happy Zoopy with his new toy turtle:

Waiting in bathtub for our weekly showers

A day out at the park
So much for now. We will update as soon as we find time.

Lots of Wuf,

Dolly and Zoopy

Jun 1, 2008

5th Birthday

Hi Furpals,

I turned 5 on 29th May.

Here are some pictures to show you how I transformed into the pretty me today..

Picture of me at 3months old when I first joined Zoopy in the family.

My first birtday cake. Strangest thing was that I didn't even get to taste any of this cake at all! The hoomans ate it up.....

My 2nd birthday cake....Zoopy was trying to steal my cake and I warned him not to.

My 3rd birthday cake which was a 100% doggy cake that I shared with Zoopy.

On my 4th birtyday last year..

Guess what I got this year round? Just 2 toys?

I smelt chicken being cooked in the kitchen..waiting patiently....

Where's the cake, Mommy?


Apr 15, 2008

Invasion of a wild kind

Our house has recently been invaded by an alien...

This picture here is a wild bush baby.

This is the alien that invaded our house. Doesn't she look like the bush baby above?