Jun 1, 2008

5th Birthday

Hi Furpals,

I turned 5 on 29th May.

Here are some pictures to show you how I transformed into the pretty me today..

Picture of me at 3months old when I first joined Zoopy in the family.

My first birtday cake. Strangest thing was that I didn't even get to taste any of this cake at all! The hoomans ate it up.....

My 2nd birthday cake....Zoopy was trying to steal my cake and I warned him not to.

My 3rd birthday cake which was a 100% doggy cake that I shared with Zoopy.

On my 4th birtyday last year..

Guess what I got this year round? Just 2 toys?

I smelt chicken being cooked in the kitchen..waiting patiently....

Where's the cake, Mommy?